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One of the objectives promoted by Matese Discovery is to promote hiking, outdoor sports and knowledge of the area.

The activities are aimed at primary and secondary school pupils of I and II degrees and the teaching staff of schools, scout groups, Catholic Action and organised summer groups. Our activities are carried out in nature and in a slow manner: Nordic walking, trekking, canoeing and kayaking in the lake and river, archery, kayaking and swimming pool rescue and other educational games, all carried out in the Matese Park and the Alifana Valley.

Matese Discovery employs qualified instructors and guides.

Our experiences for...

Summer camp

We help organise your summer camp in the mountains with technical/logistical support or organise hiking days and outdoor activities.


How to have fun in a group? Call now on the number given and organise your Scout days safely and with lots of fun. What do we recommend? River Scouting!

Church community

Have you organised spiritual days in the mountains and want to alternate them with days of pure fun? Matese Discovery accompanies you on a fun-filled sports and recreational route!

School Projects

Tailor a school project according to specific needs. Not only outdoors but also knowledge of the natural world. Call now for a consultation.

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