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How to join our activities

Reservation is compulsory for any proposed activity. Reservations are made by phone, whatsapp and website. The activity can only be called ‘booked’ once the booking confirmation has been received.

Events are promoted on the social pages or posted on the website. In the event that the hiker suffers from health problems (heart disease, allergies, etc.), he/she is obliged to state this when booking. 

Accident insurance must be requested at the time of booking. It is not compulsory. See our accident policy.

Payment is made at the time of booking via paypal, by bank transfer (at least 4 days before the excursion) or on the day of the activity.

Refunds are only made when the activity is suspended by the organisation for various reasons (weather, safety etc etc). If the user does not turn up for the booked event (for various reasons), he/she can either use the paid fee credit for a new activity at the earliest possible date (after a new booking), or he/she can exchange the paid fee for a gift card.

We recommend that everyone bring a complete change of clothes (including underwear and shoes), a towel, a hat, protective cream and mosquito repellent.

For canoeing on the lake, we recommend comfortable clothing. We recommend dressing in layers. For river canoeing, we recommend comfortable clothing, but with sturdy shoes (trekking) or with a rubber grip that allows you to walk on pebbles without problems.

As far as survival is concerned, the recommended clothing is trekker’s clothing. People wearing sneakers are not permitted. Layered clothing is recommended.

It is possible to carry your mobile phone during our canoe trips but we do not take any responsibility in case your phone falls into the water.

Canoeing activities are open to all except for people who weigh over 110kg, people with heart problems, sun exposure problems and general health problems that could jeopardise one’s life during a simple excursion. Please talk to our management if you have any problems.

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