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Trekking and hiking activities in the Matese Mountains with the Matese Discovery Environmental Hiking Guides offer a wide variety of experiences for all levels of ability and all ages. Here is a preview of the different types of excursions available:


  1. Sightseeing Excursions: Perfect for those who wish to explore the Matese Mountains in a relaxed and informative way. These excursions can include visits to picturesque surrounding villages, walks in the woods to discover the local flora and fauna, and stops at wetlands to admire the biodiversity of the region.
  2. Hiking excursions: Designed for those seeking a bit more of a challenge and wishing to venture out on more challenging trails. Hiking tours can lead through dense forests, climb to higher altitudes to reach scenic peaks, and offer opportunities to explore the wetlands and natural resources of the region.
  3. Hikes for experienced hikers: Designed for those with good experience and a good level of physical fitness. These hikes can traverse more rugged and remote terrain, and can include demanding ascents to the highest peaks of the Matese Mountains, offering a challenge and an unforgettable experience for adventure lovers.

Regardless of the type of hike chosen, Matese Discovery’s Environmental Hiking Guides are experts in providing a safe and engaging experience. Each excursion is led by qualified professionals who know the area well and are able to adapt the itinerary to the needs and abilities of the group. In addition, the excursions are designed to be accessible to people of all ages, allowing families, groups of friends and travellers of all generations to enjoy the natural beauty of the Matese Mountains.

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