This morning we went on air on Rai Uno, specifically in the programme Paesi che vai with Amedeo Santomassimo (although he is mistakenly called by his name ‘Vincenzo’ during the service). A small contribution to the area with Pasquale Buonpane of MateseNostrum and all those people who support the cause such as Gianpiero Marra Rosario Iameo Walter PascaleGianmaria RiccioAntonella Fantini and Stefania Ucciero. It is always nice to see the Matese on TV! We would like to thank those who do the silent work: GuideSlow , Sisto Bucci and Kappabianca Studio, Igor Cappabianca for the videos produced and used by RAI.

Per la puntata completa ecco il link:—Molise-44d2e23b-3193-4b23-be6f-02407d06f151.html?fbclid=IwAR3ImtrBF2NK-tj2wWo7SBwsBIAu1GOY4nE0ZO_gPc1tO4mBBLv4oPTYtss